About the Game

Rise of Ravens is a multiplayer game set in a futuristic world. The goal of the game is to demonstrate the inner workings of fascism and illustrate the rise of a fascist movement by letting the players experience it in a virtual manner.
In Rise of Ravens, one player will take on the role as leader of a fascist movement and others will play as their followers. Together they try to fulfil the goal of their movement – total domination. As the leader, you have to manage your resources and followers in order to steadily grow your influence and power. As your movement grows, you will have to promote some of your followers to take care of leadership responsibilities for you. But choose carefully, once your followers have had a taste of power, they might not want to give it up again.
As the follower, it is your responsibility to contribute to your leader’s success. Fulfil the tasks your leader gives you, be a good follower, and eventually you will see the movement flourish. Or maybe you would like to take control for yourself? Rise through the ranks of your movement, gain power for yourself, and you might just be able to do it.

Game Design


Above, you can see a rough sketch of the basic gameplay loop, wherein the leader has to manage their resources and followers to accomplish their task, finish his projects, and react to world events. However, as the movement grows, so does the number of things to manage. To help in this task, the leader can promote some of their followers, essentially making them leaders of their own, smaller subregions.

Leader View

The leader has to keep track of and manage a lot of things. Below is an example of what the UI looks like, including a world event (circle) a project (hexagon) as well as their associated tasks. To the right is a list of all the followers currently available to the leader. At the top left of the screen are the three key resources: influence, which indicates how much traction the movement is getting; public opinion, which indicates how well liked the leader currently is; and finally money, which is needed to fund all sorts of things, from items to projects.

Strategy View

Follower View

Not every task has to end in conflict. But if it does, followers need to make sure they can come out successfully. Combat happens in a tactical turn-based system where the follower draws cards to decide what course of action they take. Below, you can see an example of such a scene and an example of what a level might look like.

Tactics View1

Level Design

Tactics View2



Red has been chosen as the main color because it invokes strong emotions. In a video game context, red often symbolizes enemies. In our case, your color is red. . .

The Logo

Here you can see a few iterations of the logo before we settled on the final design.

Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Sketch 4 Sketch 5

And below, the final version.

Ravens Logo

The Raven was chosen because it is commonly associated with intelligence and cunning, suvival, community, but also danger/warning. Furthermore, the raven as a symbol harkens back to the nordic myths. Perfect for a traditionalist movement.