Vogelklanghäuser [ˈfoːɡl̩klaŋˈhɔɪ̯zɐ]

Inspired by places around the world featured in the Reveil 24-hour audio stream, students of Trier University of Applied Sciences have designed birdhouses.

What was supposed to be a sound installation created in collaboration with the factulty Digital Media of Furtwangen University, where sounds from all over the world come together in an acoustic observatory, remains this year a simple website that presents the Bird Sound Houses with the associated audio livestreams.

A preview of next year...


Elefthero, Konitsa, Aoos Gorge, Greece

To give our bird house a character that fits to our location we choose to take some elements of the surrounding, such as the style of the houses, the mountains, the trees, the river and the sky. In the background of this specific area there are mountains which form a zig-zag string and remember of the shape of a triangle or the river, which is why we created a similar shape for our stem. We hope the birds will like it and feel secure in our bird house.


Urban back yard, Loughborough Junction, South London, UK

This urban backyard is surrounded by the typical Georgian Houses featuring colorful doors. To connect the backyard with the streets at the front end of the houses we constructed our birdhouse from four doors we found on Google Streetview around Loughborough Junction, topping it with the typical Georgian Hipped Roof.


Gardens, playgrounds & an alley inside of residential block, Tabor & Pod kaštany streets, Brno, Czech Republic

The birdhouse we designed is clearly inspired by the street called Tábor which the house is virtually placed on. It ́s a house for the resident bird breeds and combines the styles of the right and left side buildings on the street itself. On the street we can discover houses built in the functionalism aswell as classicism-style. Also the birdhouse gives an impression of standing in front of a fassade but at the same time it seems like you are looking down on the street from a birds perspective.


Muir Beach, California, USA

I wanted my birdhouse to perfectly match the rocky, cliffy environment of my location. So what I did was to create a usual, rectangular birdhouse as a base and then I created this rock like structure around it. When I’ll build it, there will be moss or some other green details included, so it matches the environment even better.


Flora und Fauna Museum in Chania, Crete, Greece

Inspired by a stone building on the property of Flora & Fauna Preservation Park and a building in the surrounding area, we created a teardrop-shaped design for the birdhouse to combine the characteristic elements of the park and the surrounding buildings. The recess at the top is used to hang the nesting box, so you can hang the structure from a branch without damaging the tree. The stones are glued or attached to the wooden frame with wire. Between the stones are fixed small bags of soil to allow the growth of climbing plants. The diameter of the entrance hole of 34mm allows most – small to medium-sized – domestic birds (eg, chaffinch, goldfinch, song thrush,...) to use the box.


Moscow region, village Bakovka, Russia

This birdhouse was inspired by a traditional Russian fairy tail character – Baba-Yaga –, who lived in a wooden house, that had chicken legs. In the Moscow Region in villages and in Bakovka as well, there are still many wooden hoses of this kind. You can see a very modern chimney at the top, this is due to the fact, that Bakovka, being a normal Russian village is situated right to the biggest innovation Center of Russia – Skolkovo. The colors are inspired by one of the numerous birds living in the area – the Kingfisher.


Hästveda, Sweden

This airship like bird house is inspired by the wonderful candy color of the Swedish historic buildings and the lovely train that seems only to appear in a cartoon movie. Under this wonderland vibe a mediocre design is definitely unacceptable. The bird house mainly consists of an oval shaped little cabin, which is made of thin wood chip, aka. splint. And will be fixed to the trunk with a sturdy net bag.


Montenotte, Cork City, Ireland

The soundbox is located in an Irish city called Cork City. The area has detached houses and beautiful green gardens and front yards where birds can feel at home. The soundbox hangs on the top floor of a brick house, which has very nice bay windows. These elements and the colors of the house were integrated into the birdhouse for sparrows.